Support Queenslanders affected by bushfires today.

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With your support, right now Lifeline's Community Recovery team will be on the ground providing emotional and psychological first aid to vulnerable people in bushfire affected communities. 

These teams are Lifeline trained counsellors - skilled in working with people experiencing grief, trauma and loss during and after a crisis. 

It is weeks and months later that the true impact of these events unfold and people really start to despair. 

Recovering after a disaster is always a marathon, never a sprint.  

By donating you're making a profound difference to the long-term recovery of communities who've been impacted by these devasting bushfires.

Donate now and you can give someone a Lifeline when they need it most.

Donate now to ensure that Queenslanders in crisis get the emotional and psychological support they need. 

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Can help train more volunteer Lifeline Community Recovery Officers
Can make sure there is always someone there, a safety net and comfort for people in crisis following a disaster
Can make sure the Community Recovery Team can provide the long term support for Queenslanders impacted by disasters.

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