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Connecting to Lifeline could be the moment that saves their life

Christmas always sees more people reaching out to Lifeline for support through loneliness, grief, family conflict, and financial stress. This year won’t be any different.

As Lifeline’s busiest time of year approaches, we urgently need your help to train and support the Crisis Supporters who can save lives.

Donate today and make sure no-one has to face a crisis alone.

The mother and daughter who'll be there for you over the holidays

"When Mum was first volunteering I was a teenager and I probably didn't really understand what it was she was doing. But she would speak about it in terms of 'this is something that I do to give back to the community and is really meaningful work'." - Marijah, Lifeline Coaching Supervisor

Marijah and her mum, Marguerite, are an extraordinary pair. There is no doubt they have saved dozens, if not hundreds, of lives in their combined years of crisis support.

Marguerite became a volunteer Crisis Supporter for Lifeline in 2008. Eight years later, her daughter Marijah did the same.

Marguerite and Marijah came to Lifeline with a passion for helping others. But it's the generous support of people like you that gives them the training and tools they needed to save lives.

 Marijah (left), and her mum Marguerite (right).

More people reach out to Lifeline at Christmas for help than at any other time of year.

Financial pressure, family conflict, isolation and grief can all heighten distress and thoughts of suicide. Please support the Lifeline Crisis Supporters who will be there for you this Christmas.

Someone using their mobile phone at night surrounded by festive lights


Will help answer a cry for help on Lifeline's 24/7 0477 13 11 14 crisis support text message service

A Crisis Supporter answering a call from someone in crisis.


Will help answer a life-saving call to Lifeline's 13 11 14 crisis support line at any time of day or night

A young Crisis Supporter answering a call on 13 11 14


Will help ensure enough Crisis Supporters are available to answer calls during the busy Christmas period

A team of Lifeline Crisis Supporters. There are two young men and a young woman training.

$7,500 provides training and support for a volunteer Crisis Supporter for a year

Volunteer Lifeline Crisis Supporters generously give their own time to answer calls to Lifeline 13 11 14, and save lives.

Sponsoring a Crisis Supporter for a year means you are providing them with everything they need to do their vital job: including training, infrastructure, technology and support.

Your sponsorship of $7,500 will make a tangible, lifesaving difference to so many Australians.

Other ways to donate

If you’d prefer to donate over the phone, by BPAY or post, give our friendly Fundraising Support team a call on 1800 961 881 (9am to 4pm AEST, Mon – Fri).