About Lifeline

Lifeline is committed to bringing hope to Australians doing it tough.

A trusted national charity, we're driven by the belief that Australian lives lost to suicide can be prevented. In Queensland, we deliver our 13 11 14 Lifeline Crisis Support line through 10 Lifeline Crisis Centres – providing Australians experiencing a personal crisis with access to 24-hour support and suicide prevention services.

Lifeline Queensland is funded by the support of our generous Queensland community. Because of you, we can deliver crisis support and suicide prevention services across the state.

Right now there is a new call to Lifeline every 30 seconds.

You can call Lifeline’s crisis line 13 11 14 no matter who you are or what you're going through.

- Suicidal thoughts or attempt

- Personal crisis

- Anxiety

- Depression

- Loneliness

- Abuse and trauma

- Stresses from work, family or society

- Self-help information for friends and family

Lifeline relies on community support. Each dollar you give helps us save lives.

What happens when you call 13 11 14?

Our trained Telephone Crisis Supporters will answer your call and:

- Listen to your situation

- Provide immediate support

- Assist to clarify options and choices available to you

You're helping people like Rachel, Dennis and Donna


Growing up, I was tormented by the dysfunctional and destructive environment I lived in at home. I hated the idea of having a disease in my mind when I was so young.

Before I called Lifeline, I was imprisoned in my own thoughts of self-destructiveness. Suicide felt like the only option for my life at that time. Part of me, however, desperately craved freedom and I made the call to Lifeline.

I clearly remember feeling that my life had purpose and there was a reason to stay alive after calling Lifeline.

There is always hope. If you or someone you know is ever in crisis, please remember that at Lifeline there will be someone on the other end of the phone who will care and listen without judgement.

Dennis' Story

Many years in the military, including several overseas deployments, began to affect me. It continued to worsen but happened gradually, so I considered it part of the background. I thought this was normal until several times I could not shake the feeling of being overwhelmed and helpless. The negative thoughts were becoming so tiring that I could not handle it on my own any further. So I called Lifeline.

I believe that phone call and the doctor at the hospital saved my life. The relief was like a physical weight off my shoulders. I was so happy that someone else understood, that I was not on my own.

I now volunteer as a Telephone Crisis Supporter myself and assist others during their time of darkness.

Donna’s Story

I survived a fall from Brisbane’s Story Bridge in 2012 and was pulled out of the water by a ferry crew. I was surprised when I regained consciousness – with a shattered spine, and lacerated liver. I hadn’t meant to be alive.

I had a wonderful partner, a healthy two year old son and a job I loved. But in just 10 days my life imploded. I took on a project at work that triggered massive self-doubt. I wasn’t sleeping and my thoughts became completely irrational.

From the outside, it looked like I had a great life. Inside I was falling apart. Ending my life seemed like the only solution.

I’m so grateful to have a second chance of life. But I know thousands of Queenslanders are struggling like I was – and they desperately need someone to talk to.