Every 12 hours, we lose another Queenslander to suicide

Today, you can help prevent it. Will you please donate to help make sure every call for help is answered?

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Every day in Queensland, two families lose someone they love to suicide.

Today, we’ll lose two more.

Will you please donate today to help save the life
of a Queenslander considering suicide?

They could be a beloved brother, uncle and son - like Mat. They may be a parent, a partner or a best friend. Too often, it’s someone you know.

Your gift will help fill Lifeline centres with trained Crisis Supporters to answer the growing number of calls from people in danger of taking their own lives.

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Mat lost his life to suicide when he was 39 years old.

He’d been struggling in his career for nearly 15 years, and eventually the grief and disappointment became too much.

He’d get really down, and turn to his sister Lauren for comfort. She told us about seeing her talented brother lose his confidence – and his will to live.

“He’d call me and say ‘What’s wrong with me Lauren?’, over and over

"Looking back now, there were clues. But if you’re not an expert, you can’t always pick that stuff up. A lot of people still blame themselves.”

Lauren could tell he was struggling. She was determined to help get his life back on track. She encouraged Mat to exercise, train for a marathon and do things he’d always loved like surfing.

Nothing seemed to work.

“By that time, Mat had been battling with this stuff for 15 years. Maybe he needed a lot more help than we could give him,” said Lauren.

By the time someone like Mat is suicidal, thoughts about ending their own life can be relentless and overwhelming. Their world can feel meaningless and empty, and the things that would usually lift their mood – like exercise or hobbies – often don’t make a difference.

One thing that almost always helps is talking about it with someone who understands and is trained to help.

Will you open your heart and be there for someone like Mat – someone who’s feeling overwhelmed, and desperately needs to talk?

Yes, I want to make sure there’s always someone at Lifeline to take their call

Your gift will make a difference in three important ways

  •  providing text and online chat support to someone like Mat, and help them through a crisis.
  •  keeping our Crisis Support lines open, 24 hours a day.
  •  Sponsoring a volunteer Crisis Supporter and helping make sure there are no empty seats in our centres.

Most of all, your donation will help spare families like Lauren’s from the pain of losing someone they love to suicide.

Looking back, Lauren wishes Mat had done that and reached out to Lifeline.

“If he’d called Lifeline, things might have been different.

They would have listened with compassion and offered him hope. You can be more vulnerable with people you don’t know because they won’t judge you,” Lauren told us.

Because Lifeline is anonymous, people like Mat often find it easier to open up, and share what they’re really going through.

For some callers, even saying the words ‘I’m suicidal’ can be a struggle, which is why we also offer a text and online chat service. It means people facing suicide can get the support they need, even if they don’t feel ready to talk.

With a Queenslander dying from suicide every 12 hours, it’s vital we keep all those services running at full capacity.

If we miss even one call, text or online message, another Queenslander could lose their life. Which is why we urgently need your help.

Will you please make a donation to Lifeline Queensland today?

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provides text and online chat support to someone like Mat, and help them through a crisis
keeps our Crisis Support lines open, 24 hours a day
helps sponsor volunteer Crisis Supporters and makes sure there are no empty seats in our centres

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