" You need to stay calm when
they say 'Yes, I am suicidal' "

Your gift to Lifeline
can save lives
at the toughest time
in a tough year.

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After unprecedented drought, bushfires and then a pandemic, many Australians are asking ‘how much more I can take?’

Our country is in the grip of a mental health epidemic. And Christmas, which is often a challenging time for people, will be especially rough.

Will you please make sure Lifeline has the resources to answer what we anticipate will be a record number of calls for help?

Calls to Lifeline spike every Christmas. In a year where more people have contacted Lifeline than at any other time in our 57-year history, this Christmas is expected to set a whole new record.

Your donation is urgently needed to get more Crisis Supporters ready to answer all the calls for help. You’ll help give our wonderful volunteers the support they need to do their life-saving work.

Donate now. Save lives.

Your gift will make sure Volunteer Crisis Supporters like Maya, a kind, amazing mum who has just completed her 162 hours of training, can be there. 

Already, Maya has spoken to many people who feel taking their life is the only option. She said:

Your heart is racing but you need to stay calm and use all your training and support to deal with that situation. I’ve had people say I'm not going to suicide today, I'm going to go for a walk or go to the doctor, or talk to a friend  at the end of the call.”

Lifeline Crisis Supporters like Maya save lives. And behind every Crisis Supporter like Maya is another big-hearted person like you, who gets them ready to save lives.

But this Christmas, our wonderful volunteers will struggle to answer all the calls for help.

Will you please donate today so caring volunteers like Maya can show people who are hurting they have reasons to go on?

YES! I’ll help someone understand their life is worth living this Christmas.

Please help Lifeline continue to be there at the end of this unprecedented year, when so many people have hit the limit of what they can take.

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