WWW’s (Winston’s Wonderful Wanderings)

Get Active, Help Save a Life

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My target 100 kms

Cold steel! WWW's No. 7

Weelll, u no dares dis plaze wit knine dokters, Mom callz da vet!! Mom tuk me dare 2day an ooh mi da thinz dey du 2 ya!! Snippied awl me too nailz dey did oooh I crrieed sooo muuch butt Mom jus let em dooo dis an den day jabbed me wit dis thin Grrr!!! Butt at da enz I get speszil yum yums. Dey all luvs me dare cos I'm bery speszil!! Dey saved me lif an now i getz to njoy Lif so muuch wit Mom. Lotz a walkz, lotz a fun. Get active like me u hoomans!! Luv dis life!!

Mom's mad at me!! WWW's No 6!

i me wundaful Winston escaped yestadee!! Mom's got her crankie pantz on sa watch dis spasz. don't walk godda run wen shes got dem pantz on!!!

Bring your dog to work day! WWW's 5

Hay awl u hoomans, did u no tis bring your knine's dogz dat is, to werk day tooday!! Me Mom left me hom!! Big Sad face!!!! Dogz can helpz lotz of wayz at work, hoome and playz. Weez gud four da body, mind an souls. U no dat holiistik thingy!! Hav gud day hoomans wit your special frendz!

I'll be blogged!!!

Welll i'll b blogged! i'm bginin to lik dis bloggin thin! Mom layd in dis moanin an waz sooo cold i layd in tooooo!  We haf waz dare u guyz betta hurry up!!!

Bit chillleeee this AM!!! WWW's no 4

Me Mom dus PeeTees on dis day. SHeez sooo gud to me she goez earlier to PeeTees so wee can walkz befour she goez to da plas call work. Wee wend dis plas therz doopey lukin thingz lyke big knines but bigga floppier earz dan mine. Sooo cold der neerly freez da gras. Hav a gud daze hoomans. Member dat exercis helpz all dem endothingz, soo take yooor knine oot in da sonshinz.

Always look on the bright side of Life! WWW's no 3

Welz ins I trot at 5 anz Mom jus rollz her eyz anz says go awayse. Looonng Waze!!! But my lookze an moanz ans groanZ evensuallly WinZ thru. Hoomans luvs walkz ans soooo beutisul dis moanin. 

Winston’s Wonderful Wanderings No 2

I’m sooo keen to helpz Lifeline thatz I went to wakez me Mom at 4:30 this morning. She’s faking bein asleeps and telze me “go back to bed”. Sooo I goze backs to bed thens oot Mom comze 5:00am’s I don feelze lik geettin upz now. Ins da dark off wees goze fearless Mom ans Warrier Winston readize for anies chalenzez toodaze! Beutisul sonrize, 

Winston’s Wonderful Wandering’s No 1

Well, my Mom registered us for dis advensure! An advensures we had on what Mom calls “weekenz”!. Weekenz soooo goood. We walk long wazs anz I get to play with matz, Sax, Molly and Marmaduke! OH Molly’s soooooo beutisul! Then I foun dis thing calls a scrub Turki. Turki okay u shud a seen it fly! Anywaz my Mom’s an me we’ll do our bess for Lifeline cos lots of hoomans need help and themz nead to no us knines verrry gud for hoomans. Paws truly Winston

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Go Winston you wonderful pup!!!