It all started with toast and beans

08 Jul 2022

When another farmer told Ross that he was struggling, Ross knew something had to be done. It was 2019 and the drought in Queensland was pushing more of our farming communities past their limits. As a local dairy farmer himself, Ross knew the battle all too well. But with 28 years of Crisis Support experience under his belt, Ross had an idea.

“When the drought got real bad there…one bloke told me he was livin’ on toast and baked beans.”

This is when Ross started to reach out and provide local support for other farmers struggling to cope. This specialised support had helped so many people in Ross’s community and now it’s run as a state-wide ‘Farmer to Lifeline Farmer’ service. Providing more rural and remote communities with evidence-based support.

Your gifts to Lifeline are essential.

For anyone who feels alone or isolated, Lifeline is an understanding ear and safe place to talk. A place you’ve helped create where anyone can feel listened to and find help with a compassionate Crisis Supporter and someone who can relate to their challenges.

“I’ve been through a few droughts, the milk crisis…I’ve been through the mill and farmers know I’ve been through the mill with them.”

Thank you for supporting Lifeline. Because of you, people like Ross are here to offer support across every corner of Queensland. No matter where a Queenslander in crisis lives, or what time of day it is, our Crisis Supporters will be ready to answer their call, text or online message for help.